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You Are The Last Ones Left

From what first started as a blog of idioms, principles, and axioms of a lifestyle that is becoming a dying breed in today’s generation, has evolved into a brand – a brand that signifies a lifestyle of dying traits that are keys to a successful, wealthy, and prosperous life.

Last Of A Dying Breed is about a lifestyle, a lifestyle endangered of extinction. It pertains to a specific group of people, the few that are set apart the masses. The people who actually think these days, the enlightened ones, the 1%, the ones that don’t just stand for the status quo, the individuals, the ones who “get it.”

It represents people who possess the dying traits of today’s generations. The knowledgable, the wise, the humble, the leaders, the innovators, the wealthy, the ones who change the world…!

It honors those of the past, represents those of the present, and inspire those who are not.

It is our purpose to represent and live the traits that are dying today – wisdom, knowledge, power, thinking, learning, being an individual, successful, happy, and wealthy, so that one day “…the Last shall be the first…”

With every design holding its own meaning, the Last Of A Dying Breed is more than just a brand – it’s a lifestyle. So, as you rock the gear, you are reminded what we stand for and ultimately leading you to have a bit of a different swagger than the rest of the world.

We’ll see you around…

The Lifestyle

Everything Affects Everything

Everything Affects Everything

“Everything affects everything because we are all bathing in the same field.” – Nassim Haramein It has been ten years since I created this blog. I aimed to share information that, at the time, I

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The 50th Law Introduction

The Fearless Mentality

The Fearless Mentality So over you is the greatest enemy a man can have that is fear. I know some of you are afraid to listen to the truth-you have been raised on fear and

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Are You Conforming? - Last Of A Dying Breed

Even A Dead Fish Can Go With The Flow

Are You Conforming? “The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow.” – The Last, Jim Hightower “Think about this, if everybody is taught the

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The Contrarian Mindset

Why Being Last Is The Key To Success

Why Being Last Is The Key To Success It’s because everyone else wants to be first. The Contrarian Mindset Back in 2007, before entrepreneurship and business was the “in” thing to do, I had my

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